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Your wedding day should be real, unposed and most of all… heaps of fun!

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  • You should be able to be yourselves on your wedding day and in your wedding photos. Whether that’s quirky, serious, emotional or silly. Just have fun and be yourselves!
  • Your wedding photos should be beautiful and natural, without having to stiffly pose for hours.
  • Your wedding photographer should be calm and relaxed, and just a fun person to hang out with.
  • Forget everything you think wedding photography is and just have an awesome time at your wedding because that is all you need to do.

Cavanagh Photography

Your wedding captured authentically with a bit of epicness

Adam Cavanagh
Hey I’m Adam…

A Hunter Valley wedding photographer offering fun, natural & awesome wedding photography in NSW & around Australia. 

Thank you so much for visiting our website and considering us for your wedding photography.

I feel like I have the absolute best job in the world. Every week I get to travel to beautiful locations around Australia and capture the most amazing day in a couples life. It is so special to me to be able to photograph such important moments. From an artistic point of view, weddings really allow me to push myself creatively to create images that are totally unique to each couple. And I absolutely love meeting couples, finding out their story and capturing them and their amazing day.

I’m all about capturing couples in a relaxed, unobtrusive way with a bit of awesome!!

If you love natural, candid moments and hate anything cheesy, then check out more of our work.

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Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

Hi, we are Kim & Adam award-winning photographers behind Cavanagh Photography! Kim runs the business side and Adam is the primary Hunter Valley wedding photographer.

We started Cavanagh Photography in 2008 after backpacking together around the world for four months. I always loved photography, but this adventure is probably where my passion for photography really grew. I took way too many photos, particularly around sunset and started to learn about composition and light. When we got back to Australia I threw myself into photography. Soon I was asked to photograph a couple of friends weddings and then it literally took off from there. 

When Cavanagh Photography started I did photograph other things like corporate gigs etc, but weddings are what I was really drawn to. I loved the positivity and beauty of wedding days. Weddings, for me, really pushed all aspects of photography. Technically, mentally and most importantly, artistically. On a wedding day, I realised I was a landscape photographer, a product photographer, and photojournalist, a family photographer, a fine art photographer and a storyteller, all in one. And I really loved that!

This is us…

Kim organises everything and runs this little family business. From client correspondence, admin and even school drop-offs. She is a wedding planner star!

Adam takes pretty photos and edit photos but sometimes breaks into song and dance with his two little girls… awww :)

hunter valley wedding photographer

After shooting around two-hundred plus city weddings over a number of years, we moved up to the northern end of the Coast. And we seriously have never looked back. I have a passion for the outdoors and rustic country weddings. So now we are really centrally located for weddings. Very close to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley and still only an hour from the city. The Hunter Valley is now where I photograph weddings most weekends. I love shooting weddings almost everywhere and anywhere. But the Hunter Valley and Newcastle regions are what we consider our local area and we absolutely love it. 

I have now photographed close to eight hundred weddings in just the Hunter Valley region of NSW. I have photographed most of the main Newcastle and Hunter Valley wedding venues in the region. And I just love it!

Check out some of our wedding photography highlights from the past couple of years…

The Hunter Valley has all the ingredients needed for an awesome wedding. The landscape and scenery is just stunning! Is sits between the two biggest cities in New South Wales so it is a perfect location. It has a huge variety of accommodation. It has some of the best food and wine around and also the best wedding venues anywhere in Australia. And having a wedding in the Hunter Valley makes the whole day very easy for couples. There is no travelling involved for you or your guests. Most venues can do the entire day at the one amazing location.

If you are still not sure about the Hunter Valley as a wedding destination, check out a few real weddings that I have photographed over the past few years around this amazing region.

Australian Wedding Photographer

We are based in New South Wales, but I love working as an Australian wedding photographer and photograph weddings all around Australia. Australia has some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery in the world and I feel that there are so many beautiful and amazing locations to have your wedding that are not necessarily located in a major capital city of Australia.

Photographing weddings in different locations, different sceneries and different climates around Australia is, artistically and creatively, incredibly inspiring and motivating. I often say that my favourite wedding location is anywhere I have never photographed before. Because I come to the wedding with fresh eyes and new perspectives. 

As an Australian wedding photographer, I have has the amazing honour to photograph weddings in most of Australia’s states and territories. Some of our favourite locations for weddings have included Maleny, Queensland Whitsunday Islands, Alice SpringsUluru, Victoria and Canberra. 

My basic rule with interstate weddings is that I arrive a day or two beforehand. Firstly, just in case there are any delays in flights or travel. And secondly, so that I can look around and scout the area, location and venue. That way I am totally familiar with the location and have a few photographic locations in my mind for the wedding day.

Kind Words

Wedding Venues in the Hunter Valley & NSW

Are you still looking for your perfect wedding venue? I have been to my fair share of wedding venues over the years. I have seen some simply amazing venues that make your jaw drop to the floor and I have seen some pretty ordinary venues. So here are a couple of bits of advice when looking for your perfect wedding venue…

  • It doesn’t matter how beautiful or stunning a venue is if the owner, wedding co-ordinator or staff are not friendly and helpful. If they are not helpful, friendly and accommodating where you enquire, then there is no way they will be on your actual wedding day. Trust me.
  • Try to choose a venue where you can spend all or the majority of your day at. Don’t make your wedding day one big road trip where you travel to each part of the day. Where you travel from your accommodation to your ceremony. From your ceremony to a few locations for your photos. From your photos to your reception venue. And from your reception venue back to your accommodation. Many wedding venues have onsite accommodation, a beautiful location for your wedding ceremony and for photos and also have a reception space. Spending your day in the one location means you will spend more time with the people you love and less time travelling around.

I have put together the best wedding venues in each region of NSW. Some of the venues I have photographed, and some are on my bucket list of places I would love to photograph. If you are still looking for that perfect venue, this list might be helpful to you with your wedding planning.

Hunter Valley Wedding Venues | Newcastle Wedding Venues | Central Coast Wedding Venues | Southern Highlands Wedding Venues | Blue Mountains Wedding Venues | South Coast Wedding Venues |

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Thank you for visiting our small corner of the world and for even considering us to capture your wedding day. And if you haven’t already,  please scroll through our portfolio images at the top of the page and check out our wedding photography highlights posts of the last couple of years. We also have more info about us and our approach in our menu bar, as well as heaps of useful wedding tips. 

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Finalist – NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014 (NSW AIPP). 

Recipient of over fifty Australian & International professional photography awards.

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