Natural, candid and epic wedding photography by Australian Hobart wedding photographer, Adam Cavanagh. With the help of my gorgeous wife Kim, who runs the day-to-day business and looks after all the client correspondence and is the main contact in the lead up to the wedding, we are Cavanagh Photography.

We are based on Sydney, NSW but I photograph weddings all over Australia and Hobart and the whole of Tasmania is definitely one of my favourite destinations for weddings and for photography in general. It is just a quick two hour flight from Sydney, so it is really easy to get to. My approach to photographing weddings is to document the day as naturally and candidly as possible. We want the day to be real and honest without contriving moments. I love shooting candidly as it allows you to relax and be yourselves and allows me to capture spontaneous moments throughout the day and night. I also like the day to be fun and relaxed. I find that when a couple is having an awesome time at their wedding, then they get beautiful photos.

Hobart Photography

Tasmania would have to be one of my favourite areas to photography. It’s natural beauty makes it one of the leading wedding photography destinations in Australia, and deservingly so. With amazing estates, national parks, vineyards and historic landmarks, Hobart wedding photographers have a vast selection of beautiful locations to choose from when creating beautiful images for a couple’s wedding day.

Hobart is the capital of this beautiful island state in Tasmania. It sits on the River Derwent and has the stunning Mount Wellington overlooking the city. Mount Wellington itself, is actually an amazing place to have an epic wedding ceremony

Premier wedding venues like Freycinet Lodge and MONA make Hobart the perfect place to have your wedding

Why hire me? Aren’t there plenty of local photographers?

Yes, there are thousands and thousands of great photographers out there. And yes, there will probably be lots of local photographers to choose from as well. I’m a big fan of supporting the local community, small businesses and artists. So if you do find a local photographer, whose work you love and connect to, then you should hire them.

For me, I love to travel and to photograph weddings in new and different places. It is much more exciting artistically and I think it gives my photos a unique perspective. I try to incorporate the landscape, the atmosphere and vibe of the wedding.

Are there travel costs involved?

Yes there will be a small travel fee to cover flights and accommodations. But we try to make it as affordable as possible for you. Flights around Australia are pretty inexpensive and so are motels :)


The biggest thing I can offer you is my heart, my time, my energy and vision… and if you have read this far, then please have a look through our portfolio. Get in contact with us if you connect with our images and can imagine yourselves in them. I would love to be your Hobart wedding photographer or photograph a wedding anywhere else in Tasmania. Cheers!

Hobart wedding photographer | Adam Cavanagh

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