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How to request photos from us

Wedding Vendor Photo Information…

for venues, celebrants, stylist, hair & makeup etc…

and how to request photos from us :)

Hi guys… if you have found this page then chances are we have recently worked together on a wedding day and you are interested in getting some photos to use for your socials and website. Awesome! I am totally happy to share images with you :)

In a perfect world, I find out every wedding vendor that worked on the wedding, select some images that I think you would like, and send you some images. But the truth is… I just don’t have time. During wedding season I am so busy just trying to keep up with the editing backlog. Most of my work comes after a wedding with the editing and during peak season I have a long queue of weddings to edit. So during this time the turnaround time for a couple to get their gallery is around 4 to 6 weeks after their wedding. It is quicker during off-peak times. So just keep this in mind.

Having said this…. I am 100% happy to share the images I take with all the amazing wedding vendors I have worked with. So if you want some photos, please reach out to us and we will share the gallery with you and you can download your favourites from there.

Here are some guidelines:

  • The most important thing is for you to check with the couple first and make sure they are happy to share images from their wedding.
  • If they give you a link to their wedding gallery, feel free to use the images. You don’t even need to get permission from us, if you use the images in good faith and with a good heart.
  • Please don’t re-edit the photos, put a filter on them or put your logo on them.
  • If you share the images on your socials please just credit us with the photography. You can just tag us @cavanaghphotography
  • If you use the images on your website, please credit us with the photography and a link to our website. Something like “Photos by Cavanagh Photography

Side note…. If you are a vendor who advertises with a wedding directory, consider submitting the wedding for them to publish as a ‘real wedding feature’. You have our permission but just check with the couple as well. We find that they are more willing to publish content from people who pay them money. Wed Shed, Hello May, Easy Weddings, Polkadot Weddings etc. Being featured on these websites is really good from a marketing aspect and is also good for your seo.

So if you are happy with the guidelines, just fill in this form and we will send you a link to their gallery where you can download high res or low res images to use for your socials or website :) We really hope the images help your business and hopefully we will work together again soon!!

Cheers Adam & Kim