10 Awesome Newcastle Wedding Venues

[Updated 2023]

Are you looking for a Newcastle wedding venue? Hi there! I’m Adam, a Newcastle wedding photographer who loves to shoot weddings in Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs. I’ve seen my portion of wedding venues in Australia. Some spectacular wedding venues and some average venues. So I’d love to tell you some of my favourite wedding venues on this page, and also share some of the venues I’d love to photograph.

Newcastle is the second-largest city in NSW and it has quickly become one of the best destinations to have your wedding. Once a working-class, no-nonsense destination, it is now a culinary and artistic hot-spot which is also home to some of the country’s best beaches. There is plenty to do here, indoor as well as outdoors.

Every year new, and more unique wedding venues are popping up and some of them are just incredible. There are beautiful ocean view wedding venues, some heritage venues and some really cool industrial venues. Whatever your wedding style, you are sure to find your perfect wedding venue in Newcastle.

So here are my favourite Newcastle wedding venues. Some of them I have photographed. And there are others on my ‘ bucket list ‘ of venues that I would love to photograph.

So, in no particular order, here are my favourite Newcastle wedding venues.

1. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a wedding venue that is located just 20 minutes north of Newcastle in Fullerton Cove. At Stanley Park, you can have your preparation, ceremony, location photos and reception all in the one location.

Stanley Park is the ideal place to celebrate a wedding, set in an idyllic and private, absolute waterfront spot. Relax and get ready in the Victorian homestead of 8 bedrooms, exchange vows under the ancient fig tree, party and dance the night away in the spacious rustic barn, and stumble back to the homestead afterwards. The reception room can accommodate up to 130 guests, but you can hire a marquee for larger numbers.

Address: 77 Fullerton Cove Rd, Fullerton Cove

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Stanley park at night with mist and fog

2. Merewether Surfhouse

Merewether Surfhouse is one of the best beachfront wedding venues and one of the busiest wedding venues in Newcastle.

With sweeping 270 degree views up and down the coast, it is easy to see why this place is so popular. The reception room is located on the middle level and is a column-free wedding venue. It can accommodate weddings of up to 400 guests, and the room can be split up for smaller numbers.

Address: 5 Henderson Parade, Merewether 

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Merewether Surfhouse

3. 48 Watt Street

48 Watt Street is a unique wedding space in the inner city of Newcastle, that encapsulates in 110 years of spectacular church history. Although the building ceased traditional church services in 2010, it maintains many of its iconic original features such as grand vaulted ceilings and fine stained-glass windows, creating a beautiful setting for intimate wedding receptions.

48 Watt Street has three areas to offer –Main Hall, White Hall, and Atrium. Within 48 Watt Street, every space offers its own style and atmosphere. If you’re planning a wedding, having three spaces on site will allow for both ceremony and reception. 48 Watt ST is fully licenced and has a commercial kitchen on-site, so they can provide a complete solution for your wedding.

Address: You should be able to work this one out ;)


4. Longworth House

Longworth House is a wedding venue located in the heart of the Newcastle CBD. It is close to accommodation for guests and for the bridal party to get ready. It’s within easy reach of transportation and is within walking distance to photographic locations around Newcastle.

Longworth House offers stress-free wedding planning as you can do everything all in the one place. You can have your wedding ceremony and reception all onsite. Or if you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony, Longworth House can be your wet weather back-up option, but only if you are using then for the reception.

Address: 129 Scott Street, Newcastle, 


5. Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley Historic Site is arguably Newcastle’s most impressive viewpoint, with its commanding position overlooking the Hunter River Estuary, and is worth a visit for the view alone. The Fortress overlooks Nobbys Beach and the lighthouse and provides panoramic views of the bay, coastline, port and city. The city of Newcastle manages the historic site of Fort Scratchley. And yes, you can even have your wedding here.

Located just outside the fort walls, there is a multi-purpose centre at Fort Scratchley Historic Site. It is a contemporary, light-filled wedding reception venue with a seating capacity of up to 120 guests plus a bridal table. Its location on the far east side of the hill allows you and your guests to enjoy an unparalleled view of the Newcastle Ocean Baths, the Cowrie Hole and the Pacific Ocean.

Address: 5 Fort Dr, Newcastle East 


6. The Lock-Up

The Lock-up in Newcastle is arguably Newcastle’s most unique wedding space. You would be having your wedding in an old colonial and very historical police station.

The Lock-Up is a unique cultural attraction located in the heart of the heritage district of Newcastle. The property was originally the police station and holding cells of Newcastle from 1861 to 1982, and is a significant example of colonial government architecture.

“The Yard” is the former men’s exercise yard and is the area of The Lock-Up that is available for wedding receptions. It was refurbished thoughtfully to create a stunning one-of-a-kind venue. Impressions of the old exercise yard still remain with remnants of scratched graffiti, overhead bars and a solid iron doorway that serves as reminders of its history.

The Yard and The Lock-Up are suitable for smaller, more intimate wedding and can accommodate up to 70 guests.

Address: 90 Hunter St, Newcastle


7. Newcastle Museum

Newcastle Museum is a beautiful heritage building situated in the former Newcastle Railway factory sheds in Honeysuckle. It provides an awesome mix of industrial and modern spaces for both small, intimate weddings and can accommodate up to 120 guests. Newcastle Museum will impress you and your friends with an outstanding event and an unforgettable’ museum feel’ from the ceremony to the party.

There are three rooms to choose from, The McIntyre Theatrette, Link Gallery and the Earth Ball… which actually has the planet Earth in it.

Address: 6 Workshop Way, Newcastle 


8. Harbourview Function Centre

Harbourview Function Centre is located right in the middle of Newcastle on busy Queens Wharf. If you are looking for a wedding venue that is centrally located that all your guests will know of then this is a great option.

Harbourview Function Centre has four large rooms to choose from and all have great views over the water and of Newcastle.

Address: 150 Wharf Road, Newcastle


9. Newcastle City Hall

Newcastle City Hall is one of Newcastle’s most well-known iconic buildings and is a perfect wedding venue especially if you after a venue that has some grandeur about it.

Newcastle City Hall has a classic, elegant and grand style. There is some beautiful architecture, arched windows, marble staircases and it is very centrally located in Newcastle city.

It is ideal for smaller intimate weddings as well as huge grand occasions of 200+ wedding guests. They can actually accommodate up to 320 guests for a sit-down dinner.

Address: 290 King St, Newcastle,


10. Noah’s on the Beach

Noah’s on the Beach is a four-star hotel located on some prime real estate in Newcastle.

There are four nice function room to choose from. But the main drawcard of this venue is the views. The views. It has stunning view over the Pacific Ocean and along the Newcastle coastline. This would be a really good option if you were considering a day time wedding reception where you wanted ocean views but in air-conditioned comfort.

Address: 29 Zaara St, Newcastle 


Noah's on the Beach wedding

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Tips for Selecting a Newcastle Wedding Venue

Newcastle, known for its scenic beauty, food, and wine, is an increasingly popular location for weddings. As a frequent visitor to the area and have photographed over 500 weddings, I have had the chance to see many wedding venues. Undoubtedly, Newcastle boasts some of the best.

With so many options available, choosing the perfect wedding venue can be overwhelming. It’s important to keep in mind that Newcastle isn’t limited to one area; the region is vast and offers a range of possibilities.

When it comes to my favourite wedding venue, I usually opt for a new location that I haven’t photographed before. I enjoy exploring and discovering new settings, as it provides a fresh perspective and unique photographic opportunities. However, there are certain factors that I personally believe make for an ideal wedding venue.

Here are some tips to help you select the ideal wedding venue that aligns with your personal style and vision, along with my recommendations on what works best for weddings in Newcastle.

My Criteria for Selecting a Wedding Venue

When assessing a wedding venue, several aspects come into play. As a photographer, I sometimes get excited at the prospect of shooting at a particular venue again, while other times I know it may present challenges. Nevertheless, my preferred Newcastle wedding venues share some common features. They are situated in stunning settings, have incredibly hospitable venue personnel, and many have the convenience of hosting everything on-site. This means that the entire day, from beginning to end, can take place at a single location.

Onsite Accommodation

One of the advantages of Newcastle is the abundance of accommodation options available, ranging from Stays & Airbnb to larger hotel chains. However, having quality onsite accommodation is even better, especially for the wedding couple and their guests. With onsite accommodation, guests can easily retire to their rooms after the celebration.

For the wedding couple, onsite accommodation eliminates travel stress and time constraints on the big day. It’s reassuring to know that you can walk to the ceremony without worrying about transportation logistics.

I particularly enjoy it when both partners prepare for the wedding at the same property. Usually, they use different rooms on separate floors, and I’ve never encountered a situation where they accidentally see each other unless they want to. As a photographer, this setup allows me to move freely between both parties during the preparation phase, making the photo session more relaxed and comfortable for everyone involved.

Newcastle Ceremony Locations

One of the things I appreciate about Newcastle wedding venues is their capacity to host both the ceremony and reception in one location. This setup is not only convenient for the couple but also for their guests, eliminating the need for travel between venues. After the ceremony, guests can socialize over drinks and canapes while the couple takes photos, and then proceed to the reception. It’s effortless and stress-free!

However, not all Hunter Valley venues specialize in weddings or have ideal ceremony locations. Some may have unappealing backgrounds, poor lighting, no shade, or inadequate space. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I know how to work around these challenges, but it’s always better to have a beautiful and accommodating location. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, be sure to check out my tips for outdoor weddings.

Another crucial factor to consider is a reliable wet-weather alternative. It’s always wise to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I once had to photograph a wedding ceremony in a carport due to heavy rain, and it was far from ideal. Therefore, a venue with a lovely ceremony location and a dependable wet-weather alternative is the ideal choice.

Newcastle Photo Locations

When selecting a wedding venue in Newcastle, it’s essential to consider the available photo locations. A venue with picturesque landscapes and scenery means you won’t need to leave the property to get stunning photos. I also prefer venues with ample space, providing a wide range of looks and locations for your wedding photos. A property with trees and shade is ideal, particularly in the summer months when the temperature can soar into the forties.

It’s always worth checking out the photo locations on-site beforehand. You can discuss the options with your photographer and plan the best spots and times for the shoot. A venue with various photo opportunities saves you time and energy, as you don’t need to travel to multiple locations for your wedding photos.

Newcastle Reception Venues

When it comes to choosing a reception venue in the Hunter Valley, it is important to consider the setting and whether it is unique and individual to the property and landscape. A rustic barn or an elegant restaurant with character is preferable to a generic function room. Additionally, for summer weddings, it is important to look for a venue with air-conditioning or ample outdoor space for guests to enjoy fresh air and a breeze. Similarly, in winter, a fireplace or firepit can be a welcome addition.

Wedding Venue Staff & Management

I have had the opportunity to visit many wedding venues over the years, and I’ve come to learn that the way in which the staff and management interact with each other and with other wedding vendors can greatly impact the quality of service provided.

Take, for instance, a few popular wedding venues in Sydney that I used to frequent. I dubbed them “wedding factories” because of their fast-paced and demanding work environments. The staff always seemed downtrodden and overworked, rarely cracking a smile or taking the time to interact with guests. Even the supervisors and managers appeared stressed and unable to find the time to smile. I firmly believe that how the owners and management treat their staff has a direct impact on the level of service provided.

When speaking with coordinators or property owners, keep in mind that their initial attitude towards you can be a strong indication of what to expect on your wedding day. If they are unaccommodating or unfriendly during your first meeting, it’s likely that they will behave similarly under the pressure of the big day.

If you are still looking for your perfect wedding venue, then check out some of our favourites from some other regions:

Hey, I’m Adam. A Newcastle wedding photographer who loves to shoot fun, relaxed couples in a natural and candid way.

I shoot weddings all over Australia, so if you are engaged and looking for a photographer, please check out my work. If you can see yourself in these photos, feel free to get in contact to check my availability. Thanks :)