Wedding Sparkler Exit Tips

Wedding Sparkler Exit Tips

The wedding sparkler exit is a really popular way for a Bride & Groom to exit the wedding reception.

Photographically it is awesome and probably more exciting and interesting than a simple tunnel or farewell circle.

But sometimes they work and sometimes they simply fizzle out. So here are some wedding sparkler tips to ensure an awesome, fun exit to your wedding.

Cavanagh Grass 2

Check with your venue first 

You will need to do the sparkler exit outdoors, as reception venues will not let you light sparklers inside because of fire regulations and smoke alarms.

But please check with your reception venue before the big day as for some venues it is just not possible due to the layout and location.

Also, some venues have recently banned sparkler exits because some guests have been doing stupid things with the sparklers. for instance, one venue banned them because some guests threw sparklers onto the roof of the building.

So please check with your venue to see if it is possible.

wedding sparkler exit

Display them

Have the sparklers out on display during the reception to guests can see in advance what is going to happen and at what time. Otherwise, at the end of the night, guests will just start leaving and saying goodbye to you. Then you have to try to gather everyone again.

Also, have a time written on something like a chalkboard, or displayed somewhere so everyone knows what is happening and when.

wedding sparkler exit


Have plenty of lighters available on the night to start the lighting process. Sparklers burn quickly, so the more lighters the quicker everyone will be lit at the same time.

Sparklers on display at reception with plenty of lighters.
Sparklers on display at reception with plenty of lighters.

Use Long Sparklers

The most important ingredient to a successful wedding sparkler send-off is to use long sparklers, not short ones. Long sparklers!

It takes a while to get all the sparklers lit. And the more guests you have, the longer it takes. The short ones burn way too quickly and the sparklers will be out before you have made it past the first few guests.

Wedding Sparklers

Have enough sparklers for each guest

Even though people will leave early or may not participate, the younger crowd will inevitably take a couple of sparklers and light them early and watch them burn out. So having full numbers of sparklers should cover you.

wedding sparklers

Make an Announcement

You need your MC to take charge of organising this event. Remember, it is at the end of the night and most likely people will be loud & intoxicated and they will need direction. The MC should tell everyone to make their way to the exit and form two lines, but not light the sparkers till everyone is outside and ready. If your MC is someone who is likely to be totally intoxicated by the end of the night, maybe delegate this take to someone else ;)

I have seen it many times where half the guests light the sparklers immediately when they get outside, and by the time the exit line is formed, half the sparklers are out. And yes it’s a bit of a fizzle.

wedding sparkler exit
wedding sparkler exit

Light together

Light all the sparklers at the same time.

Once the lines have been formed, have a couple of people hand the lighters around to everyone to light. Once one sparkler is lit, guests can use the lit sparkler to light their sparklers.

wedding sparkler exit

Don’t walk directly under the sparklers  

Have a wide enough tunnel for the couple to walk down and instruct guests to hold the sparkler up high.

You will be basically walking down a path of fire & sparks and the Bride is in a flammable dress with tonnes of hair spray. So have a wide tunnel so you are not walking directly under the sparklers.

Here is something that will blow your mind… sometimes wedding guests can be a little intoxicated at the end of a wedding. I know… it’s crazy and unheard of in Australia, but it does happen.

Guests who have been drinking for five hours tend to wave the sparklers in everyone’s face and safety is not the first thing on their mind. So a wide gap is essential for your safety.

wedding sparkler exit
This tunnel could be a little wider for safety.

Be safe

Don’t light a bunch of sparklers together. When they light there is literally a mini explosion, embers fly everywhere and you can potentially burn yourself.

Groom lit a bunch a sparklers at once.
Groom lit a bunch a sparklers at once. It sparkled much bigger than anyone expected. Notice the embers falling at his feet.
He survived to tell the tale ;)
He survived to tell the tale ;)

Be Ready

The wedding couple must be ready to leave before the sparklers are lit. So say your goodbyes to your family first and then light the sparklers.

I have seen where the Bride & Groom get stuck talking to relatives or friends and by the time they walk down the tunnel, it’s just a tunnel of smoke.

wedding sparkler exit

Don’t run

It’s a natural reaction to run through a tunnel of sparks, but it so much better photographically if you take your time. Walk… stop for a kiss, kiss friends goodbye… look at each other and soak the moment in. If you run, it will be over in a few seconds. It’s an awesome moment, so don’t rush it.

Sparkler exit by Cavanagh Photography

Have your parents at the end of the tunnel. 

That way they can be the last people you say goodbye to and you can give them a farewell hug and kiss.

wedding sparkler exit

Have Fun

Enjoy yourself as you exit. Dance, jump, sing & kiss. Don’t look at the camera or try to pose. Be in the moment with your family & friends. Do whatever you want. Soak it in!

wedding sparkler exit
wedding sparkler exit 12
wedding sparkler exit

So hopefully these wedding sparkler exit tips can help you plan an awesome exit. It’s not rocket science, but hopefully, these tips make it a totally awesome experience for you.

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