13 Beautiful Blue Mountains Wedding Venues

13 Beautiful Blue Mountains Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a Blue Mountains wedding venue? Hey! I’m a wedding photographer who loves to shoot weddings in the Blue Mountains in NSW. I have seen my share of wedding venues all over Australia. Some amazing wedding venues and some average venues. So on this page, I’d love to tell you some of my favourite wedding venues and also share some venues I would love to photograph.

There is nowhere quite as majestic or epic as the Blue Mountains. And the Blue Mountains, from a wedding photographer’s point of view, is an absolute playground for a photographer. The amazing scenery and landscapes, tied together with a lovely couple, guarantee beautiful wedding photos.

The landscape of the Blue Mountains isn’t just mountains either. There are elegant five-star resorts, rustic farm venues, beautifully manicured gardens, historic homesteads… and of course those amazing mountains.

The Blue Mountains, located just a short drive from Sydney, offer stunning vistas, lush forests, and a tranquil ambience that makes for an idyllic wedding destination. With its breathtaking natural scenery, numerous attractions, and charming towns, it’s no surprise that the Blue Mountains have become a popular location for couples looking to tie the knot.

But with so many Blue Mountains wedding venues to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect venue for your big day. In this article, we’ll showcase some of the best wedding venues in the Blue Mountains, each offering its own unique charm and style to make your wedding unforgettable. Whether you’re seeking a rustic barn, a luxurious estate, or an intimate garden setting, there’s a Blue Mountains wedding venue to suit your taste and budget.

So here are 13 beautiful Blue Mountain wedding venues. Some of them I have photographed. And others are on my ‘bucket list’ of venues I would LOVE to photograph a wedding at.

1. Seclusions Blue Mountains

Seclusions Blue Mountains is a beautiful and romantic 20-acre wedding venue located about 45 minutes from Katoomba is where rustic meets elegance. It is one of my favourite venues and the owners of Seclusions are amazing!

There is accommodation available on-site, with six log cabins around the property.

The property has a beautiful amphitheatre with views out to the mountains for the wedding ceremony, a rustic barn for drinks & canapes or a wet weather ceremony backup. And an open-aired pavilion wedding reception area that has stunning, uninterrupted views of the mountains. Seclusions can accommodate up to 140 guests and I highly recommend it.

Address: 209 Martins Rd, Rydal via Lake Lyell

2. Collits Inn

Collits Inn is a family-run business that is over 190 years old (well the barn is) and spent most of its life as a private residence. It was originally built in 1823 and is a historical landmark in the region, being that it remains the oldest standing group of buildings west of the Blue Mountains.

Collits Inn is a heritage-listed building located right in the heart of Hartley Valley at the base of historic Mount York.

All aspects of your wedding day can be done onsite in the one place. Your accommodation, your ceremony and reception and of course there are amazing opportunities for beautiful photos at this amazing venue. Can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Address: 101 Hartley Vale Road, Hartley Vale

3. Waldara Farm

Waldara Farm is one of my all-time favourite venues in the Blue Mountains region. It is actually about 100km from Katoomba, near Oberon.

Waldara Farm is an 800-hectare working sheep and cattle farm. So it is very rustic, very country but also very modern and extremely well-maintained.

There are two separate houses on-site for you to stay. The ceremony can take place at numerous places around the property. And “the shed” is an amazing wet weather backup ceremony location.

The reception is held in “The Barn”, which is a wonderful wooden barn that can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Address: Burroughs Crossing, Edith

Pro Tip: use google maps and put in “Waldara Farm Wedding Venue”. Otherwise, if you are like me and use a ‘Garmin’ GPS, it will take you somewhere completely in the wrong direction.

4. Allview Escape Blackheath Blue Mountains

Allview Escape is a totally magical wedding venue located in Blackheath in the world-famous Blue Mountains.

One of the most amazing features of this property is that it sits, perched on top of a giant canyon with panoramic views overlooking Grose Valley and Mount Hay. It sits on 20-acres of private natural bushland and is just fifteen minutes from Katoomba.

The wedding party can take over the whole estate and can comfortably sleep up to 20 guests. The fully self-contained luxury cottages are ideal for pre-wedding preparation. They set up a marquee for the reception and can accommodate up to 350 guests.

Address: 415-419 Hat Hill Rd, Blackheath

5. Turon Gates

Turon Gates in Capertree offers a stunning backdrop for a wedding that’s both intimate and unforgettable. This rustic retreat is perfect for couples seeking a unique and nature-inspired celebration. Nestled beside a crystal-clear trout stream, Turon Gates provides a picturesque setting with charming log cabins and glamping tents, blending comfort with the raw beauty of the great outdoors.

Whether you’re planning a cosy ceremony by the water or a larger gathering under the stars, Turon Gates offers versatile spaces to make your wedding dreams come true. Enjoy the tranquillity of this off-the-beaten-path gem and create lasting memories with your loved ones in the heart of nature. And it is an amazing wedding venue and destination

Address: 942 Turon Gates Road, Capertee NSW 2846

6. Leuralla Amphitheatre at Blue Mountains Weddings

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Mountains, Leuralla Amphitheatre presents an extraordinary wedding location that seamlessly merges natural beauty with a versatile spaces. With a picturesque amphitheatre area and capacity to accommodate up to 200 guests, guests can view the breathtaking vistas of Jamison Valley and the commanding presence of Mount Solitary as the wedding backdrop. Adjacent to the amphitheatre lies a sprawling, cleared grass area, providing flexibility for erecting a marquee reception, perfectly tailored for dining and dancing beneath the starlit sky.

The venue extends into tranquil natural bush areas, offering an intimate oasis for weddings. Leuralla Amphitheatre combines awe-inspiring views, customisable spaces, and serene surroundings, making it an awesome Blue Mountains wedding venue.

Address: 41 Olympian Parade, Leura

Photo courtesy of Leuralla Amphitheatre at Blue Mountains Weddings

7. Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa is located on two acres of spectacular land, within the grounds of a historic homestead. This 5-star resort is right in the middle of Katoomba, adjacent to Echo Point. The location doesn’t get much better than this.

There is plenty of on-site accommodation with 89 rooms and suites. There are three ceremony locations to choose from and two reception rooms.

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa is one of the best wedding venues and specialises in smaller weddings of up to 100 guests.

Address: 5-19 Lilianfels Avenue, Katoomba

8. Chapel Hill Retreat

Chapel Hill Retreat is a beautiful wedding venue located on 35 acres of tranquil Australian bushland. Chapel Hill is incorporated in the heritage property of Bulgamatta, which was first settled by George Bowen in 1832. 

There is on-site accommodation for up to 24 of your guests. You can have your ceremony either in the beautiful chapel or at some outdoor locations around the property. The function room has a gas fireplace and has stunning views overlooking the Blue Mountains valley. And it can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Address: 36 Berambing Crescent, Berambing

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9. Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains

The Fairmount Resort & Spa Blue Mountains is located in Leura on 9.5 hectares of land. Nestled in the epic Jamison Valley in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, it is a beautiful place to have a wedding.

This 4.5-star resort has 224 accommodation rooms and a variety of restaurants and bar facilities. There are a few options for your ceremony locations as well as reception room options. They can accommodate wedding of up to 850 guests.

Address: 107 The Scenic Road, Killcare Heights

10. Dryridge Estate

Boutique vineyard and wedding destination, Dryridge Estate is situated deep in the Megalong Valley. Enveloped by towering sandstone cliffs and offering some of the most outstanding scenery in the region, weddings at Dryridge Estate are a’ choose your own adventure ‘ style, where the bride and groom can create their dream wedding from a blank canvas.

Wedding couples can choose to say their vows in manicured gardens or in the vineyards, and everything from canapés to a three-course dinner can be served to guests – it’s just a matter of designing your dream wedding.

Dryridge Estate includes a fabulous 4 bedroom Homestead and beautiful 2 bedroom Sunrise Lodge when couples choose Dryridge Estate. They recently installed a clear roof marquee which is included in the hire of the venue that can accommodate up to 130 guests. The marquee captures the westerly sunset while the escarpment in the east lights up. Your wedding ceremony and reception will have the most beautiful views and sunsets that the Blue Mountains can give you.

Address: 226 Aspinall Road, Megalong Valley

11. Megalong Valley Farm

Megalong Valley Farm is an exclusive private estate Wilderness Lodge set in the very heart of the Blue Mountains. It sits in a beautiful lush valley surrounded by majestic cliffs.

There are various accommodation options on-site to choose from. From the Wilderness Ranch Guesthouse Lodge, the Rustic Stockmans Lodge or camping & glamping options. There are various ceremony options to choose from, and you can have your wedding reception in the Carriage Function Hall or the Woolshed. Can accommodate up to 120 guests.

Address: 993 Megalong Valley Road, Megalong Valley

12. Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park

The Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park is a unique industrial property offering spacious lawn areas, a remarkable industrial building (The Bath House) and bush locations within a stunning mountain valley.

The Bath House can accommodate 150 guests, with considerable dining area and a separate dance floor. The caterers have access to a modern food commercial kitchen and an under-cover outdoor barbecue area. Weddings are very popular on our wonderful lawn, and there are great locations around for beautiful wedding photography. The venue has a curfew for midnight. There are several transport and lodging options within the district, and there is ample parking on site. You get an amazing three days to prepare the venue which is incredible especially if you want to a DIY wedding.

This is a totally unique and very different wedding venue that is sure to be extremely popular.

Address: 3A State Mine Gully Rd, State Mine Gully

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13. Dennarque Estate

Dennarque Estate is located in the quiet heritage garden village of Mount Wilson, in the UNESCO listed Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park.

Dennarque Estate is one of the original historic homes and gardens established in 1879 and is within the heritage estate’s expansive 24-acre exotic cool climate gardens.

It offers luxury on-site accommodation for up to 12 people and can be hired exclusively for weddings of up to 80 people.

Address: 28 Church Ln, Mount Wilson

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Tip on how to choose a Blue Mountains wedding venue

The Blue Mountains is a picturesque region located in New South Wales, Australia. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, including rugged cliffs, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls. The Blue Mountains also boasts a rich cultural history, with many indigenous communities having lived in the area for thousands of years.

I spend most weekends exploring new Blue Mountains locations, and as a wedding photographer with over 500 weddings under my belt, I have had the opportunity to visit many of the region’s wedding venues. The Blue Mountains offers a diverse range of options, with new venues constantly popping up. It is important to note that the Blue Mountains encompasses a vast region beyond just the popular tourist hub.

While I am always excited to discover new venues, I do have certain personal preferences when it comes to choosing the ideal wedding location. As a photographer, I find it creatively stimulating to work in new environments, and I appreciate venues that offer unique and picturesque backdrops. However, there are some key factors to consider when selecting a venue that aligns with your vision and style.

Here is some advice on how to choose the perfect wedding venue in the Blue Mountains, based on my personal experience and preferences.

What I look for in a Blue Mountains Wedding Venue

When it comes to selecting a wedding venue, I take into account several factors that help me determine whether it will be an ideal location for photography. As a photographer, there are Blue Mountains wedding venues that I can’t wait to revisit, while others may present challenges. Nevertheless, my preferred wedding venues in the Blue Mountains all share some common features.

Firstly, they are situated in stunning locations that offer breathtaking backdrops for wedding photography. Additionally, the staff at these venues are incredibly welcoming and friendly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for couples and their guests. Furthermore, most of these venues offer the convenience of having everything on-site, from the beginning of the day to the end of the night, eliminating the need for guests to travel between multiple locations.

Ultimately, finding the perfect wedding venue in the Blue Mountains comes down to personal preferences, vision, and style. However, selecting a venue that offers beautiful surroundings, friendly staff, and on-site amenities can make all the difference in creating a memorable and stress-free wedding day experience.

Accommodation Onsite

In the Blue Mountains, there is an abundance of accommodation options available on platforms such as Stays, Airbnb, and larger hotel chains. However, having good on-site accommodation available at wedding venues is even more convenient for both the wedding couple and their guests. The advantage of being able to walk back to your room at the end of the night cannot be overstated.

For the wedding couple, on-site accommodation takes away any travel-related stress or time pressures on the big day. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can simply stroll to the ceremony is invaluable.

As a photographer, I particularly appreciate it when couples get ready at the same venue. With separate rooms on different floors, couples never accidentally see each other unless they choose to. From a photographer’s perspective, this setup allows me to move freely between the rooms during preparations, making the process smoother and more relaxed for everyone involved.

Blue Mountains Ceremony Locations

Having the ceremony and reception at the same venue is another essential factor that I consider when choosing a wedding venue. It’s a convenience that makes things much easier for both the couple and their guests. After the ceremony, guests can mingle and enjoy drinks and canapes while the couple takes some photos, and then everyone can simply walk into the reception area. No travel is involved, which is a huge advantage.

However, some venues in the Blue Mountains may not have ideal locations for outdoor wedding ceremonies. There could be issues such as unsightly backgrounds, bad lighting, no shade, or limited space. As a professional wedding photographer, I am accustomed to working around such challenges. However, it’s important to keep in mind that things could be better. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, I recommend checking out my outdoor wedding ceremony tips.

Another critical aspect to consider is having a decent wet weather option. It’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I have shot a wedding ceremony in a carport due to heavy rain, which was not an ideal situation as there was no alternative on the day.

Therefore, it’s crucial to look for a wedding venue that offers a great ceremony location and a reliable wet weather alternative in case of unexpected weather conditions.

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Blue Mountains Photo Locations

Another aspect that I consider when selecting a wedding venue is the ability to take photos on-site. Many Blue Mountains venues have breathtaking landscapes and scenery, which can eliminate the need to leave the property to capture stunning photos. I also prefer venues that have a large property, as it offers a more diverse range of locations and looks for photos.

In addition, it’s essential to have some shaded areas and trees, especially in the summer months when temperatures in the Blue Mountains can reach high temperatures. The last thing you want is for the wedding party to be uncomfortable or overheated during the photoshoot. Therefore, a venue that offers some natural shade and cover is a big plus.

Blue Mountains Reception Venues

Choosing a wedding venue is ultimately a personal decision, but for me, it’s important that the setting is distinct and complements the property and its surroundings. Whether it’s a charming barn-style venue or a sophisticated restaurant, you want to feel like you are in a unique and memorable space. What I dislike the most is when a room looks generic and could be found anywhere in the world.

For those planning a summer wedding in the Blue Mountains, I recommend looking for a venue with air conditioning or plenty of outdoor space to allow guests to stay cool and enjoy a breeze. During the winter months, a fireplace or firepit can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, adding to the overall charm and ambience of the wedding venue.

Venue Staff & Management

The staff and management at a wedding venue can make a big difference in how smoothly the day goes. It’s important to look for a venue with friendly and accommodating staff who are willing to work with you to make your wedding day special. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and ask for recommendations from others who have worked with the venue before. This can give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of service and staff.

When you are talking to coordinators or property owners, if they are not particularly friendly, helpful & accommodating when you first meet them, just imagine what they will be like on the day, when the pressure of a wedding is on them.

Blue Mountains Seasonal Weather Guide

The Blue Mountains, with their breathtaking vistas, lush landscapes, and enchanting atmosphere, have become a sought-after wedding destination for couples looking to tie the knot in a picturesque setting. Known for its dramatic scenery, charming villages, and world-renowned natural attractions, the Blue Mountains offer a romantic and serene backdrop that can make any wedding feel like a fairy tale.

However, one crucial element to consider when planning a wedding is when to get married and what the weather will be like in the different seasons you are considering. The Blue Mountains experience distinct seasons, each bringing its own unique charm and potential challenges. Understanding the weather patterns is essential to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. Whether you’re dreaming of a springtime garden ceremony, a summer evening celebration, a cosy autumn gathering, or a winter wonderland affair, knowing what to expect from the weather can help you make informed decisions and prepare for any eventuality.

I just wanted to provide some tips and advice to help you plan the perfect Blue Mountains wedding, no matter the time of year.

Spring Weddings in the Blue Mountains (September – November)

Spring in the Blue Mountains is nothing short of magical. As the winter chill fades, the region comes alive with mild temperatures, blooming flowers, and fresh greenery that creates a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. During this season, you can expect daytime temperatures to range between 15°C to 25°C, making it perfect for outdoor celebrations.


  1. Ideal for Outdoor Ceremonies: The mild spring weather is perfect for outdoor weddings, allowing you to make the most of the stunning natural surroundings without the extreme heat or cold.
  2. Beautiful Floral Backdrops: Spring brings a burst of colour with wildflowers and garden blooms, providing a naturally beautiful setting for your wedding photos.
  3. Comfortable Temperatures for Guests: The moderate temperatures ensure that your guests will be comfortable throughout the day, whether they’re seated outside for the ceremony or dancing the night away.

Tips for Spring Weddings in the Blue Mountains

  • Recommended Attire for Guests:
  • For Women: Light dresses in floral prints or pastel colours are both stylish and appropriate for the season. A shawl or light cardigan is advisable for cooler evenings.
  • For Men: Lightweight suits or smart casual outfits in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton will keep them comfortable. Adding a tie in a spring colour can add a touch of elegance.
  • Footwear: Given the outdoor settings, recommend comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking on grass or uneven terrain.

Spring is truly a delightful time to get married in the Blue Mountains, offering the perfect blend of pleasant weather, natural beauty, and vibrant energy that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

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Summer Weddings in the Blue Mountains (December – February)

Summer in the Blue Mountains is a season of warm to hot temperatures, longer days, and the occasional thunderstorm. Daytime temperatures can range from 20°C to 30°C, providing ample sunshine and a vibrant atmosphere for your special day. The longer daylight hours are perfect for taking advantage of the stunning natural beauty that the Blue Mountains have to offer.


  1. Perfect for Evening Weddings: The warm evenings are ideal for late afternoon or evening ceremonies, allowing you to avoid the midday heat and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable atmosphere as the sun sets.
  2. Lots of Daylight for Photos: With extended daylight hours, you have more time to capture those perfect wedding photos against the beautiful backdrop of the Blue Mountains.
  3. Festive Atmosphere: Summer brings a lively and celebratory vibe, making it a great season for joyful and energetic wedding celebrations.

Tips for Summer Weddings in the Blue Mountains

  • Hydration Stations: Ensure that there are plenty of hydration stations available with water and refreshing drinks to keep guests cool and hydrated throughout the day.
  • Shade Options: Consider setting up shaded areas with canopies, umbrellas, or tents to provide relief from the sun, especially during the ceremony and reception.
  • Attire Suggestions to Keep Cool:
  • For Women: Light, breathable fabrics such as chiffon, silk, or cotton are ideal. Flowing dresses in lighter colours will keep them cool and comfortable.
  • For Men: Lightweight suits in linen or cotton are perfect for staying cool. Opt for lighter colours to reflect the sun and keep cool. Consider forgoing the tie for a more relaxed, summer-appropriate look.
  • Footwear: Encourage guests to wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on potentially uneven outdoor terrain. Sandals or dressy flats are great options for women, while men might prefer breathable loafers or dress shoes.

The combination of warm weather, stunning natural scenery, and a festive atmosphere makes summer a wonderful time to celebrate your love.

Autumn Weddings in the Blue Mountains (March – May)

Autumn in the Blue Mountains is a season marked by crisp air, vibrant foliage, and cooler evenings, making it one of the most picturesque times of the year to host a wedding. Daytime temperatures range from 10°C to 20°C, providing a comfortable and inviting climate for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.


  1. Stunning Natural Colour Palette: The changing leaves create a breathtaking backdrop with shades of red, orange, and gold, offering a naturally beautiful setting for your wedding.
  2. Comfortable Temperatures: The moderate temperatures during the day make it pleasant for guests and ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.
  3. Romantic Atmosphere: The crisp air and vibrant colours of autumn add a touch of romance and warmth to your wedding day, enhancing the overall experience.

Tips for Autumn Weddings in the Blue Mountains

  • Incorporating Autumn Colors into the Wedding Theme:
  • Use the rich hues of autumn in your floral arrangements, table settings, and décor. Think deep reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.
  • Consider adding elements like pumpkins, gourds, and autumn leaves to your decorations for a seasonal touch.
  • Incorporate autumn colours into your wedding attire and accessories, such as bridesmaids’ dresses in warm tones or boutonnieres with autumnal flowers.
  • Best Times for Photography:
  • Take advantage of the golden hour, just before sunset, when the light is soft and warm, enhancing the natural beauty of the foliage.
  • Early mornings can also offer stunning light and misty conditions that add a magical quality to your photos.
  • Midday photos can capture the vibrant colours of the foliage at their peak, providing a beautiful contrast against the blue sky.

Autumn weddings in the Blue Mountains offer a unique and enchanting experience, with the stunning natural beauty of the season providing the perfect backdrop for your special day. By incorporating the rich colours and romantic atmosphere of autumn, you can create a wedding that is both visually stunning and deeply memorable.

Winter Weddings in the Blue Mountains (June – August)

Winter in the Blue Mountains is a season of cool to cold temperatures, occasional snowfall, and misty mornings that create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere. Daytime temperatures can range from 5°C to 15°C, and the evenings can get quite chilly, making it a perfect time for a cosy and intimate wedding.


  1. Cosy Indoor Venues: Winter is an ideal time for indoor weddings in the Blue Mountains, where you can take advantage of charming, warm, and inviting venues that offer a cosy ambience.
  2. Unique Photo Opportunities: The occasional snowfall and misty mornings provide unique and stunning backdrops for your wedding photos, creating a magical and memorable experience.
  3. Beautiful Light for Wedding Photos: The light during winter is softer and more dynamic, offering beautiful and flattering natural lighting for your photos.
  4. Less Crowded Tourist Spots: With fewer tourists in the area, you can enjoy more privacy and tranquillity, making your wedding day even more special.

Tips for Winter Weddings in the Blue Mountains

  • Warm Attire Options for Guests:
  • For Women: Long-sleeved dresses, elegant shawls, and wraps are great options to keep warm while still looking stylish. Consider materials like velvet, wool, or cashmere.
  • For Men: Suits made of heavier fabrics like wool or tweed will keep them warm. Layering with a stylish overcoat or a vest can add both warmth and sophistication.
  • Footwear: Recommend closed-toe shoes and even boots for comfort and warmth, especially if there’s a chance of walking on snow or wet ground.
  • Utilizing Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: While indoor venues are ideal for warmth and comfort, don’t shy away from utilizing outdoor spaces for unique photo opportunities or a quick outdoor ceremony. Heaters and blankets can help keep everyone comfortable if you choose to have any part of the celebration outdoors.
  • Best Venues with Fireplaces: Choosing venues with fireplaces can add a cosy and romantic touch to your wedding. The warm glow of a fireplace creates a welcoming atmosphere and serves as a great spot for guests to gather and relax.

Winter weddings in the Blue Mountains offer a unique charm and beauty that can make your special day truly unforgettable. With the right planning and attention to detail, you can create a warm and inviting celebration that takes full advantage of the season’s enchanting qualities.

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