2023 Wedding Highlights

2023 was another massive year for us. It was a year of catch-ups from postponed weddings due to Covid. And it was so so busy. My year basically consisted of shooting weddings, and editing weddings. That was my year in a nutshell.

We generally like to take on 50 to 60 weddings per year… in 2023 we did 112 weddings and elopements which is probably a little more than I would like to do. But it’s nice to know I can shoot and edit 100 plus weddings in a year.

Due to the volume of weddings I really only took on local weddings in the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle in 2023. We basically said ‘no’ to most weddings that required me to use overnight accommodation. Although I did do the Blue Mountains a couple of times.

The trends that I have noticed in 2023 are that people want to spend more time with their guests and less time doing photos on their wedding day. We are finding that an hour is the perfect amount of time for location photos with the couple and their wedding party. And remember to leave a few minutes at sunset for golden hour photos.

There were a lot of smaller weddings and elopements. We did lots of Goosewing elopements. Couples were bringing their dogs to their wedding, and there were lots of champagne sprays.

The other thing we have found is that couples have forgotten how hot it gets in Summer, particularly in the Hunter Valley. We had a few years of milder Summers so this year was a shock to a lot of people. There were lots of 40+ degree wedding days. This is not to say, don’t have a Summer wedding, but if you are, just prepare for it.

Thanks to everyone who trusted me with their wedding. It was a fantastic year and I had so much fun. 2024 is looking like it is returning to more normal numbers in terms of weddings. The backlog from Covid has finished and if anything, there is probably a downturn in the number of weddings taking place in Australia. Cost of living pressures and the fact that due to Covid, less people have met, fallen in love and so on.

So thanks for viewing, and this is a bit of what I got up to in 2023!

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