2016 Year in Review

2016 was an awesome year for us, both personally and professionally. We didn’t blog much at all, which is mainly because it was hard to find the time with all the forty five weddings we did, plus an energetic toddler, a bratty dog and a wife who was pregnant most of the year. Which means yes, we only just had a new baby… and once again we had her in the middle of wedding season :) So I thought it was important to do a bit of a recap of the year, to show what we’ve been up to, as it was a great year.

We redesigned our whole website this year which was way more work than I anticipated. We’ve had the same design for the last five years or so, so it was time for a change. Now the photos are much bigger and I think the design is more modern. We also have added a Family Photography Portfolio page (and the opening photo of that page is my little girl with her puppy dog… awwww). Since starting a family of our own I’ve come to realise how important regular photos are. So I would really love to photograph more families. I’d particularly love to photograph my past Brides & Grooms families as they start new chapters in their lives.

With weddings in 2016 I have noticed two big things… firstly it seems like every couple is having a ‘naked wedding cake‘, and secondly, so many more couples are deciding to have an unplugged wedding ceremony. There is definitely more awareness about having your guests put their cameras down and actually ‘being present’ at the wedding ceremony. I wrote an article in 2014 on “Should You Consider An Unplugged Wedding“, so thank you to those couples who have read it and taken the advice ?

There have been some memorable moments this past year. Winner of craziest Bridal Party goes to Samantha & Scott. They were so much fun and I don’t think they were even that drunk ;) I absolutely loved it when an impromptu dance party started in the middle of Luna Park with Jane & Carl’s wedding. During Juanita & Ken’s wedding they not only made a commitment to themselves during the ceremony, but also made a commitment to their one year old daughter, which I thought was so special. And the winner of shortest speech from a Groom goes to Royce who’s speech went for about 20 seconds. He’s not a big talker, so he said thanks for coming… Kristy is awesome… and sat down :) It reminded me a lot of a Groom from the year before, who was also not keen on public speaking, so he did his whole speech through his phone with Siri speaking.

Literally every wedding I shoot has some really special moments, but there were three times this past year when even I had a tear in my eye.

  1. During Andrew’s heartfelt and honest speech when said words to the affect. “I had given up on love until I met Kath” ?
  2. When Tara’s Dad saw her in her wedding dress for the first time ?
  3. I can’t remember who’s wedding it was, but there was a Father Daughter Dance and they played a country song “I Loved Her First”. Maybe it’s because I now have two little girls of my own, but that left me a mess haha ???

Thank you to all the wonderful wedding suppliers I have worked with. The hair & makeup artists, florists, designers, cars, videographers and also the amazing wedding venues that recommend us. I’d also really like to thank, not only the amazing couples I photographed this year, but also all our past Brides & Grooms who are constantly recommending us to their family & friends. Happy couples are our top priority and a referral is one of the best compliments you can give us. So thank you for helping make our business a success.

Hope you enjoy the photos below and feel free to drop us a quick message to let us know you dropped by ?




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