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Lord Howe Island Wedding Photographer

Photography by Adam Cavanagh

Wedding photography around Lord Howe Island & Australia

Your wedding day should be real, unposed and most of all… heaps of fun!

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  • You should be able to be yourselves on your wedding day and in your wedding photos. Whether that’s quirky, serious, emotional or silly. Just have fun and be yourselves!
  • Your wedding photos should be beautiful and natural, without having to stiffly pose for hours.
  • Your wedding photographer should be calm and relaxed, and just a fun person to hang out with.
  • Forget everything you think wedding photography is and just have an awesome time at your wedding because that is all you need to do.

Cavanagh Photography

Your wedding captured authentically with a bit of epicness

Adam Cavanagh
Hey I’m Adam…

A Lord Howe Island wedding photographer offering fun, natural & awesome wedding photography on Lord Howe Island & around Australia. 

Thank you so much for visiting our website and considering us for your wedding photography.

I feel like I have the absolute best job in the world. Every week I get to travel to beautiful locations around Australia and capture the most amazing day in a couples life. It is so special to me to be able to photograph such important moments. From an artistic point of view, weddings really allow me to push myself creatively to create images that are totally unique to each couple. And I absolutely love meeting couples, finding out their story and capturing them and their amazing day.

I’m all about capturing couples in a relaxed, unobtrusive way with a bit of awesome!!

If you love natural, candid moments and hate anything cheesy, then check out more of our work.

Candid, natural and relaxed wedding photography by internationally award-winning Lord Howe Island wedding photographer Adam Cavanagh. Together with the help of my lovely wife Kim, who runs the day to day business and is the main point of contact in the lead up to the wedding, we are Cavanagh Photography.

Based on the northern end of the Central Coast NSW, I shoot weddings all over Australia and Lord Howe Island is definitely one of those destinations I would love to photograph a wedding. I have not photographed a wedding there yet. But it is on my bucket list.

My philosophy and approach to photographing weddings is to document the day as naturally and candidly as possible. We want the day to be real and honest without contriving moments. I love shooing candidly as it allows you to relax and be yourselves and allows me to capture spontaneous moments throughout the day and night.

I love to travel and shooting weddings in new and different places all over Australia. I love to capture the story of the wedding day in the beauty and landscape of your location. I have also been lucky enough travel overseas for destination weddings and elopements including stunning tropical weddings in Fiji & Bali.

Lord Howe Island Photography

Lord Howe Island is one of those destinations for me, that has such amazing potential for great wedding photos. Looking online, it doesn’t look like many people have had their wedding there. Maybe it’s a bit remote, maybe the island hasn’t promoted weddings before. Maybe flights are a bit expensive (around $1000 return). But for the right couple, it would be a perfect wedding destination.

Lord Howe Island is a tiny Australian island in the Tasman Sea, east of Port Macquarie. And just a two-hour flight from Sydney. It has beautiful sandy beaches, clear water and a tropical landscape. The island is dominated by two twin peak mountains peaks, which look absolutely stunning. It is a huge island and the photo opportunities are endless. You are just limited to the time you have and how far you want to hike.

Why hire me? Aren’t there plenty of local photographers?

Yes, there are thousands and thousands of great photographers out there. And yes, there will probably be some local photographers to choose from as well. I’m a big fan of supporting the local community, small businesses and artists. So if you do find a local photographer, whose work you love and connect to, then you should hire them.

For me, I love to travel and to photograph weddings in new and different places. It is much more exciting artistically and I think it gives my photos a unique perspective. I try to incorporate the landscape, the atmosphere and vibe of the wedding. Due to Lord Howe Island’s beauty and location, I think it has huge the potential for amazing wedding photos.

I will generally arrive two days before the wedding to scout the wedding, find possible photos locations and familiarise myself with the ceremony and reception venues. And we can even catch up for a beer or a coffee. It means that I approach the day with fresh eyes, lots of excitement and very unique photos. My aim is to capture the story of the wedding day in the beauty and landscape of your location.

Are there travel costs involved?

My pricing will probably be a little higher than local photographers, as I do need to pay for flights and accommodation from Sydney. But we really try to keep these travel costs to a minimum and will often absorb some of the costs to make it more affordable for you. And if I am already in the area, then the extra cost will be reduced again. So it doesn’t hurt to reach out and start of a conversation.

The biggest thing I can offer you is my enthusiasm, my time & energy and vision… and if you have read this far, then please have a look through our portfolio. Get in contact with us if you connect with our images and can imagine yourselves in them. I would love to be your Lord Howe Island wedding photographer. Cheers!

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