Byron Bay Wedding Venues

Updated 2021

Are you recently engaged and looking for the best Byron Bay wedding venues? Hi there, I’m Adam and I am a Byron Bay wedding photographer who had photographed a heap of weddings in the lovely seaside town of Byron Bay. I have photographed a lot of weddings over the years and I know what sets an amazing venue apart from an average one.

Byron Bay is a beautiful and very popular coastal town located on the north eastern tip of New South Wales.  The Arakwal People are the Traditional Owners of the Byron Bay region. It is about 8 hours from Sydney by car or 2 hours from Brisbane. It is Australia’s most easterly point and where the stunning Cape Byron lighthouse is located. The region is home to celebrities, the rich & famous, beautiful beaches and great shopping & dining. It is also a very busy wedding destination for couples from all over Australia.

Here is my list of the best Byron Bay wedding venues. Some of these venues I have photographed weddings at, and some are on my bucket list of place I would love to photograph. So hopefully you find this helpful.

1. Byron Bay Beach Restaurant

The Bryon Bay Beach restaurant is an excellent destination for your wedding plans. It’s got a long and high-profile history in Byron Bay and offers a broad service range that suits your needs. In addition, its oceanfront location means that you can have the beach-themed wedding party you’ve always desired.

Byron Bay Beach Restaurants began operations as Bryon Beach Café in 2008 by Ben and Belinda Kirkwood. The couple shared a wealth of experience managing various resorts and restaurants in the Caribbean several years prior. 

The restaurant got a rebrand in 2016 to the current Byron Bay Beach Restaurant. It quickly became acclaimed locally and internationally, amassing accolades and awards over the subsequent years. 

You’d be happy to know that Byron Bay Beach Restaurant shows its class how well it organizes weddings the couples would love. Bookings and Reservations are seamless and available all week round. Also, you can enjoy the Beach kiosk with its separate unique food menu.

Speaking of the menu, you’re getting quite a spread at Byron Bay Beach restaurant. They offer lunch and dinner menus that showcase tasty local beachside flavors. In addition, you can have breakfast at the Beach kiosk, which opens at 7 am and serves up delicacies for your beachside or takeaway picnic.

Also, the head chef at the restaurant – Simon Palmer – crafts new meal menus which include local and coastal delicacies in Byron Bay. Overall, you’ll be getting a splendid beachfront wedding experience with Byron Bay Beach restaurant.

Address: 2 Massinger St, Byron Bay NSW

2. Byron View Farm

Byron View Farm is another location you should check out for your wedding plans. Again, the highlight feature is space: the farm is about 40 acres big and has over 30,000 rainforest trees. These give the property a natural feel that you might appreciate as a nature lover. 

Furthermore, Byron View Farm exists on an elevated plain and overlooks the mountains, ocean, and surrounding landscape. Views from the farm can be mesmerizing, and when you throw in the full moon nights and sunsets, your wedding at the Byron View Farm can feel truly magical.

Accessibility is not an issue and a massive plus for a destination that prides itself as a “secluded oasis.” You can get to the farm from Byron Bay city in around 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about logistics and traffic ease for your wedding.

Do you want a hen party, or like the perfect scene to make a wedding proposal? Byron View Farm delivers on such events without compromise on the unique experience you want. Byron View Farm can host up to 60 wedding guests, with facilities that allow you to organize bridal photos and outdoor receptions without leaving the scenic property. Overall, their service catalog is extensive.

The structures are excellent. Byron View Farm enjoys its great reputation due to its white cottages with roomy verandas. Complete with lush green gardens and self-contained utilities, you can have your retreat if so wish.

Address: Byron View, 194 St Helena Rd, McLeods Shoot 

3. Deux Belettes

redleaf wollombi wedding

If you must have your wedding in the Byron Bay area, you can hardly do better than using the Deux Belettes events venue. Dubbed the “French House” or “Chateau” in the Bryon Bay hinterlands, Deux Belettes focuses on luxury wedding events and accommodation. 

Deux Belettes draws most of its inspiration from classic French farmhouses, which you can tell from its laid-back countryside location characterized by rainforest trees and stone walls. These give you the feeling of luxury and nature blending harmoniously.

On the inside, the luxury guest house feels welcoming and enchanting. You’d find antique furnishing, glistening chandeliers, and classical curtains. These features give you a feeling of the French pre-Revolution era, whether you’re having a retreat or a big wedding.

The guest house began operations in the ’80s in Byron Bay/Ballina area. A family of 4 prepared the land, built the main buildings, and planted over a thousand trees to make their dream farmhouse. They had a climate-friendly ecological plan for the area, which was a significant move at such a time when people don’t talk about environmental protection very much.

Additionally, the founding family upcycled materials to create the rest of the scenery: roof shingles from old fence posts, doors, and window hardware from garage sales from France. Over the subsequent 40 years, all these details came together to give Deux Belettes a distinctly European ambiance. 

Weddings at the venue can make you feel like you’re “one with nature,” and you can’t help but feel optimistic about the beautiful journey you’re about to embark on with your significant other.

Address: 2477/104 Victoria Park Rd, Dalwood NSW

4. Fig Tree Restaurant, Byron Bay

You deserve excellent meal service and a pleasant, natural environment for your wedding event. Fig tree restaurant aims to serve you the best on those fronts. Located in Ewingsdale, on a hilltop, the restaurant also provides the serenity and seclusion befitting newly-wedded couples.

Fig Tree Restaurant has a central theme inspired by a century-and-a-half old fig tree. You get to experience lush grapevines and orchards nestled in its sweeping frame. The buildings with their white interiors give a hint of the Mediterranean, which is perfect if that’s the subtle theme you and your hubby seek.

The restaurant started in the early ’80s when Heather and Charly Devlin decided to convert an original farmhouse into a restaurant and serve food they grew and prepared. It was an idea that thrived, with the family sharing the home with visitors who come to eat. However, Che Devlin took the operations to the next level in 2005 when he took over from his parents.

He kept their legacy, and the restaurant grew in popularity over the years. So, you still get to enjoy homemade cuisines from the fig tree orchard and garden. 

Overall, Fig Tree Restaurant is a perfect destination if you wish to have your wedding and other events in Byron Bay. It’s got all the right ingredients: lush gardens, a countryside vibe, and a view of the ocean, giving you the relaxed, serene ambiance for your big day.

Address: 4 Sunrise Ln, Ewingsdale NSW

5. Forget Me Not Weddings

Forget Me Not farms ticks all the right boxes if you want a Byron Bay wedding with lots of space and a serene ambiance. It exists between the Byron Bay beach and Bangalow, one of the more laid-back villages in the Byron Bay hinterland. Forget Me Not Weddings is tranquil and private, promising to serve you some of the best wedding services you’ll find in the area.

Thankfully, you don’t sacrifice accessibility, as it only takes less than a 15-minute drive to get to the farm from any part of Byron Bay. In addition, you’d be pleasantly surprised by how well-suited the property is for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

You might wonder how much space you would get with Forget Me Not farms. The answer is “a lot.” The property can accommodate 200 people if we’re getting down to it. It means you don’t have to downsize your guest list. It also has facilities for smaller wedding events and elopements. 

Furthermore, there’s outside dining with a capacity for up to 36 people. It sits in an undercover area around the deck. It is also where you’d find the homestead pool. The arrangement typically serves as a backup space, which you’d love, as it gives an added peace of mind for larger weddings. 

You’d also get lots of photo opportunities, scenic sunsets, rainforest trees, and some of the best-looking gardens in the business. The details all come together to make a compelling wedding destination in Byron Bay. 

Address: 545 Coopers Shoot Rd, Bangalow NSW

6. Tooraloo Farmstay

Need something more rustic and chic for your wedding? Tooraloo Farmstay fits the bill as well as you can get. For starters, the property spans across 12 acres covered some of the lushest pasture in Byron Bay. So you get a lot of space to exclusively share with your sweetheart, away from the outside world.

You’d find Tooraloo Farmstay on Ewingsdale’s rolling hills, which is a huge deal as far as accessibility goes. For context, it would only take you 5 minutes to get there from Byron Bay, 10 minutes from Bangalow, and 15 minutes from Mullumbimby. While at the property, you get some of the best views of the landscape and the Byron Bay beachfront.

Also, you couldn’t help but notice the rustic elegance once you arrive at Tooraloo Farmstay. Of course, you’d have Concetta Antico to thank, as she’s the farm’s proprietress and lead designer. She earned her reputation for her tetrachromacy (ability to see more colors than the average human eye). You can see it in the artworks and building materials in Tooraloo Farmstay.

The facility is not short of amenities for your entertainment and enjoyment. It’s got a BBQ hut, pool, and a fire pit. What’s more, you get to see the farm animals and stargaze at sunset – a truly remarkable experience. You’d be happy to know that Tooraloo is pet-friendly so that you can bring a furry or feathery friend to the party as well.

You can book the various buildings available, such as the Historic Farmstay, Swanky Shed, and the Sunset Cottage. Each has its unique features to ensure that couples have their best wedding moments in Byron Bay.

Address: 81 Myocum Rd, Ewingsdale NSW

7. Victoria’s Byron Bay

Victoria’s Byron Bay is a chain of five-star luxury accommodations that’s worth considering for your wedding events. Located in coastal areas such as Wategos and Ewingsdale, each property gives you a unique version of the beachside beauty.

Running a multi-property accommodation is no small feat, especially a highly successful one such as Victoria’s. The business started small when Victoria and Raemon McEwen opened the first property in 1995. They prospered with consistent quality service and took advantage of opportunities as they come. 

Initially wanting to settle down in New South Wales and turn their home into a guest house, the McEwen couples found a good deal on a property at Ewingsdale and later at Wategos Beach. They gradually built the brand into something ubiquitous across the Byron Bay area.

So, what would you be getting for your money? If you’re at Victoria’s at Ewingsdale, you will get to enjoy the stately manor on a 4-acre expanse of land. The manicured gardens and ocean views are perfect for your wedding event or an intimate retreat with your sweetheart.

Furthermore, couples get to enjoy a Tuscan-styled guesthouse at Victoria’s at Wategos. Replete with landscaped gardens and a lap pool, you’d immediately get the feeling that the guesthouse is perfect for a wedding getaway.

Their services nicely shape up with some good dining options. Poolside breakfast, picnic lunch hampers, and BBQ are all available for your pre-order.

Address: 207 Balraith Lane Byron Bay, Ewingsdale NSW

8. Earth House

Earth house is an example of spaces purpose-built for weddings and similar events. It exists in Byron Bay’s central parts, with a 110-acre farmland expanse. Right out of the gate, Earth House exudes a pleasant, rural vibe that you may come to love.

The hinterland location doesn’t affect accessibility, and you can get to the property in about 10 minutes. Couples and visitors can’t miss the rustic, Mediterranean architecture, which pairs nicely with the surrounding vegetation. The setting stays true to the “tasteful simplicity” for which Earth House’s founder aimed.

Their operations began in 2015 when Munro Black decided to turn his parent’s 110-acre farm into a successful event space. Several years have gone by, and Earth House now enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the best wedding destinations on the North Coast.

The property has the right features to make you feel comfortable on your special day. The interior room is spacious and has a high cathedral ceiling; it connects to the outdoors with a sweeping verandah overlooking the hills beyond Earth House. You could take out time to savor the northerly views or the Nightcap ranges.

Getting down to the events, you’d be glad to know that Earth House can hold up to 120 people. The area has a blank canvas design to help you get creative and use the welcoming environment to create your perfect occasion. 

From the extensive gardens to the beautiful stonewalls and the 100-year old fig tree, Earth House is a capable destination looking to improve your wedding experience further in the Byron Bay area.

Address: 334 James Gibson Rd, Corndale NSW

Other Byron Bay Wedding Venues

If none of these amazing venues above suit your needs, check out some of the venues below:

  • Mavis’s Kitchen
  • Three Blue Ducks (Byron Bay)
  • Nightcap Ridge
  • Hanging Rock Hall
  • Elements of Byron
  • Bangalow A&I Hall
  • Midginbil Hill Eco Resort
  • Barefoot at Broken Head
  • Hinterland House

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