At every wedding that I photograph, someone always asks me about my wedding photography gear. What cameras, lenses and other equipment do I use.

Let me start by first saying that you can still take a terrible photo with the best camera in the world. Likewise, you can take an amazing photo with a very ordinary camera. The quality of the photographs depends entirely on the photographer, not the equipment.

Having said that, I do love cameras and new lenses. And I do believe that a professional wedding photographer should have awesome gear, with backup cameras and lenses, and continually update it.

So this is my current kit. I’m shooting weddings with the new Canon R5 mirrorless camera. And it is pretty awesome!

I am currently selling:

Canon 5D MKIII – In great working order. Has been a backup camera for quite a few years. I have no need for it anymore. High shutter count and lots of cosmetic scratches, but the camera is perfect. Good for someone who wants a pro DSLR camera at a very cheap price… $500.oo