Best Time of Year for a Central Coast Wedding

What is the best time of year for a Central Coast wedding? That is the question every couple has to decide, not just for Central Coast weddings, but for a wedding anywhere. What is the best time of year to get married?

With this article, I am going to presume you don’t have any personal or significant dates that you want to get married in. As some couples do like to get married on the anniversary that they started dating, or the date they met. So let’s delve into the best times to get married on the Central Coast for your wedding, based on some other factors.

Climate & Temperates on the Central Coast

The temperature and climate is one aspect that couples will always think about when choosing their wedding date. And the climate on the Central Coast is pretty perfect for weddings all year round. The temperatures are very similar to that of Sydney and Newcastle. The Central Coast is classified as a humid subtropical climate. Which basically means that the climate has relatively high temperatures and an evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the seasons.

Summer Weddings on the Central Coast

(December, January, February) Summer temperatures are warm and humid. There are some days each year where temperatures do reach above 35°C. But the average top temperature is around 27°C. The beauty of the Central Coast is that because it is close to the ocean you do get those cooling breezes that can take the edge off a hot summers day.

There is an average of ten days of rain per month in summer. Which actually makes it the rainiest time of year. As a local, I think of summer on the Central Coast as ‘storm season’. Every year we get warm humid days followed but late afternoon storms.

Autumn Weddings on the Central Coast

(March, April, May) It may rain more often in Summer, but Autumn on has slightly more rainfall than the rest of the year. So when it rains, it actually rains. The temperatures, however, are absolutely perfect for weddings. It is not too hot and not too cold. And during Autumn, if you go to the right areas, the trees really light up with colours of red and yellow and even purples.

Autumn is one of the best times of year to get married on the Central Coast. The temperatures are milder and the scenery is spectacular.

Winter Weddings on the Central Coast

(June, July, August ) Despite the idea that winter is wet and cold, winter on the Central Coast is the driest time of the year. It actually has the least amount of rainfall.

When I think of winter days on the Central Coast, I think of clear blue skies and cool to mild temperatures. Daytime temperatures average around a top of 16°C, which is perfect if you are wearing a three-piece suit or a princess wedding dress with a dozen layers to it. It does get cold at night, but that is when you choose a reception venue with a roaring fire or one that is fully climate controlled.

But if you do have a winter wedding and it does rain, it will basically be cold and wet. So make sure you have excellent wet weather options so that you can fully enjoy your day. You certainly don’t want to be cold and miserable on your wedding day. But overall winter is a beautiful time of year for a Central Coast wedding.

Spring Weddings on the Central Coast

(September, October, November) There is nothing quite like Spring on the Central Coast. The temperatures are absolutely perfect. Daytime temperatures average around 21 to 24°C and nighttime temperatures are cool but not freezing. A Spring wedding is beautiful on the Central Coast.

Central Coast Wedding Season

When choosing a wedding date it is worth knowing when the popular dates and months are. If you choose to have a wedding during peak wedding season, you can expect the more popular wedding venues and wedding vendors to be booked out. During peak wedding season on the Central Coast, these venues and vendors can be booked out 18 to 24 months in advance. So you may need to choose alternate wedding dates or choose a mid-week wedding option. During peak wedding season, you will also be paying full price for everything. Because it is so busy there is very little chance to get any discounts or specials with any wedding vendors or venues.

If you choose to have a wedding during an off-peak time, then you have a much greater chance of getting the venue and the vendors that you want. Off-peak weddings will give you more options. And some (not all) venues and vendors may have a winter special or a winter discount. So you may potentially save a few dollars.

Spring and Autumn are considered peak wedding season on the Central Coast.

Summer is less popular, but there are still many weddings held before Christmas and after New Years.

Winter is considered off-peak for weddings on the Central Coast, but we are seeing a trend for more winter weddings, particularly since 2019 when we had a drought, summer heatwaves and devastating bushfires.

Central Coast Holiday Seasons

In working out the best time of year for a Central Coast wedding, you have to think about when the ‘holiday’ season is. Why? Because the Central Coast can get extremely busy during these times. And it may or may not affect your wedding plans.

If you are planning a Central Coast wedding you should be aware of public holidays, school holidays and of course the Christmas holiday period. During these periods, it can feel like the entire population of Sydney has come to the Central Coast. The Central Coast is a tourist destination and Sydneysider love it. Little seaside towns like Terrigal, The Entrance, Copacabana and many more, become packed. Beaches are very busy, restaurants and shops are packed and the roads leading in and out of town can slow to a crawl.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get married on the Central Coast during these times, because your venue may be on a private property that has no effect on your wedding at all. But if you are thinking of having a ceremony on a public park or beach, you may have to carefully think about the best place to have it so that you don’t have crowds of people in the background. You may also have to book your accommodation and organise your guest’s accommodation early before it all gets booked out.

So when is the best time of year for a wedding on the Central Coast

Well, that is the million-dollar question. You can get married on the Central Coast any time of the year, no problem. But there are better times to get married on the Central Coast.

1st Place – It would be Spring or Autumn. These seasons are just beautiful for a wedding. They have the most comfortable temperatures and the landscape fo the Central Coast is beatiful. They are however, peak wedding season, so venues and vendors may book out quickly.

2nd Place – Winter comes in second because it has the least amount of rainfall and the temperatures are cool but not freezing by any means. It is also considered off-peak for weddings so you will have more choices available to you. Winter is such a beautiful time for weddings on the Central Coast.

Last Place – Summer weddings on the Central Coast come in the last place. This is because of the heat, the humidity, the rain and the holiday crowds.

So I hope this article has given you some direction and helped you on your way with your wedding planning.

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