2019 Wedding Photography

2019 was another awesome year for us with wedding photography taking us all over Australia and around the state of NSW.

Wedding photography has allowed me to go to some dream locations around Australia and shoot some wonderful couples. Some highlights and things that just happened this year at weddings are…

  • I only had two rainy day weddings in 2019 which is totally unheard of. Normally I would have had a lot more.
  • Most of my couples this year wrote and said their own personal vows and had unplugged weddings… which is amazing! It makes it really special and more personal. I highly recommend that all couples do this.
  • I had an amazing wedding in Alice Springs where the couples gifted me my first Acoubra Hat!
  • At weddings, I saw Kangaroos, wombats, alpacas, horses, cows, dogs and even one red belly black snake.
  • I was lucky enough to do an elopement at Uluru, which has been in my bucket list for years.
  • Who knew there was a mountain top in the Hunter Valley where you could have a wedding? I shot one!
  • I shot my first wedding where half the bridal party were acrobats and I shot many weddings with no bridal party at all.
  • Had a wedding on Halloween night with a Tim Burtonesque feel.
  • Brides had many different styles of dresses. I had brides with black, red, pink, gold and silver dresses, and there might have been one or two in white ;) There was one bride with a $20 wedding dress that looked awesome and one with a dress that probably cost more than my car, that also looked amazing.
  • There also were lots of Brides and couples in general wearing boots. Which makes sense since to do a lot of country weddings.
  • Sadly towards the end of the year, most of my weddings were affected by the bushfires to some extent. Either by the smoke or actually trying to get to the wedding. The worst was a Port Macquarie wedding in November where roads were closed everywhere because of fire. But I managed to take a big detour around the fire and make it to the wedding. You will see some really crazy skies in some of the photos below.

Thank you to all the amazing wedding venues, wedding vendors and other wedding photographers who refer us. And of course a huge thank you to all our amazing couples who have trusted us to capture your most special day.

Wedding photography for 2020

My wedding photography has been changing and evolving over the 12+ years of shooting. In past years I have focused on different areas to work on, improve or just take more of. Do more night photography, do more drone shots, use more flash, use less flash etc. But my unofficial goal over the last couple of years, and going forward, is to take more meaningful images. And I think my work is attracting more like-minded couples who want this. Without couples who fully trust you, that open themselves up and actually be themselves then I can’t take the sort of images I would like to take artistically. This is how I would like to shoot more in 2020…

  • Zero posing. I actually really don’t pose couples at all. I don’t like it in wedding photography because it is too contrived and gives the photos less meaning. I talk to couples, joke with couples, tell them to run through some grass or have a quiet moment together on the hill as the sun sets. And I do give a little direction if you get stuck and just stare at the camera, like a deer in headlights. I understand why some photographers pose couples more, and it’s because they can create the perfect image… which is awesome… but for me, no posing means for meaningful photos for the couple.
  • Get more couples to be themselves and show their real personalities. Forget everything you think wedding photography will be like. With me, there are no rules. Do whatever you like, be whoever you really are… as long as you stay true to yourselves. Because this is when you get real natural photos without any forced smiles. These sort of photos will mean more to you in years to come.
  • More fun and craziness. Weddings and wedding photography doesn’t have to be serious and boring. I want my couples to go crazy and have the most awesome time ever at their wedding! As long as it is legal and no one is going to get hurt… you can do whatever you want!

So with all that being said, here are a few of our favourite images from 2019.

confetti wedding
central coast wedding with bushfires
champagne spray at wolgan valley wedding
alice springs wedding in the dust
groom crying when seeing bride
drone photography wedding
dog resting on wedding dress
wedding confetti throw
circa 1876 wedding

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