2018 Wedding Photography

2018 was a massive year for us with weddings. There were some amazing moments, crazy weather and awesome couples!

Some moments that stand out were, catching lightning with couples at three weddings… no, the lightning was not photoshopped in ;) Getting caught in huge, huge downpours twice, where we all got totally soaked. Seeing all the men on the dance floor take their shirts off when “Thunder Struck” was played ??… seeing all the men on the dance floor drop their pants when “Eagle Rock” was played ?. Using a drone on wedding days to capture perspectives I previously could only dream of. Seeing Grooms cry, seeing parents shed a tear. And watching couples let down their guard and be themselves in some of the most beautiful places in NSW.

A big thank you to all our couples for trusting us to capture your special day. And a big thank you to all our past couples, wedding venues, vendors and photographer friends who recommend us. It means a lot and we really appreciate it.

2019 & 2020 are looking just as busy. So if you are looking for a wedding photographer and can imagine yourselves in these photos, then please contact us. Or if you know someone who is engaged, we’d love it if you could share this page with them :)

cavanagh photography
Lake crackenback wedding
Briars Country lodge wedding with the stars
Bride & Groom B&W
Storm clouds on wedding
Lightning wedding photo in the Hunter Valley, Mindaribba House
Adams Peak wedding
newcastle engagement photography
wedding fireworks
Harry Potter wedding
proposal photography

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